Thread Lifting Training

Aptos Thread Lifting Workshops

Small group 4-6 Doctors - Hands-On Training

Thread Lifting Training

Trainer: Dr Hugo Ho (Accredited Aptos Trainer)



Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: South Pacific Cosmetic Academy
Suite 1, Level 1, 187a Avenue Road
Mosman, Sydney NSW


With more than 10,000 Aptos certified Doctors in more than 50 countries Aptos is the global leader in thread lifting and thread lifting education. Mara Aesthetics is pleased to announce that Aptos is now available in Australia and that Mara Aesthetics is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for the complete range of Aptos threads.

You are invited to attend a thread-lifting workshop with Dr. Hugo Ho, a certified accredited Aptos trainer and experienced thread-lifting practitioner. This initial workshop is designed to enable the practitioner to integrate Aptos thread lifting techniques into their practice. You will learn the theory involved in the technique, the range of available Aptos threads, live demonstration and hands-on training. On completion of this workshop you will be accredited to purchase and use Aptos threads and also have access to the extensive Aptos video library.

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