Aptos Thread Lift

An Aptos thread lift procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.   The result can be assessed at least 2 months after the procedure, when a connective tissue framework has formed around the threads.  The maximum result of the procedure depends on the chosen method selected by your Doctor, as well as your body's individual characteristics.

A surgical facelift is currently the gold-standard treatment for skin and soft tissue sagging.  A thread lift is a non-surgical alternative for patients who are not ready or do not want to take the surgical option.  Most patients are pleased with the results of this treatment.  However, you may not be able to achieve 100% of the result that you desire.

Thread lifts cannot stop the process of aging.  From clinical experiences, the rejuvenation effect with absorbable threads generally last for 1½-2 years.

What Are Aptos Threads Made Of

APTOS absorbable threads are made from Poly-L-lactic acid and Polycaprolactone materials.  Both are fully absorbable, non-allergic materials used in medicine for many years.  

Aptos threads provide double action: lifting and collagen regeneration.

Aptos Threads have specially designed barbs that provide a soft grip on surrounding tissues. The threads slowly break down into smaller molecules that stimulate the skin to produce new collagen.  Over time they reduce skin laxity, reduce sagging, and improve skin tone, texture, colour and hydration.

Choosing The Right Thread

The clinical results of Aptos threads are recognised to be superior, and they have been awarded the Anti-Aging & Beauty trophy for “The Best Tightening Threads” in 2016, 2017, 2018, and “Best Suspension Threads” in 2022.   If you want the best, only choose Aptos threads. It’s your body and your choice.

Aptos threads have a further advantage by having different systems and methods to be able to enhance any part of your body. Not everyone is the same, so why would the methods available be the same?

Advantages of Aptos Thread Lifting

  1. Double action: lifting and regeneration
  2. Minimally invasive procedure performed under the local anesthesia
  3. Takes about 40 minutes
  4. Immediately evident results
  5. Minimum of downtime
  6. New collagen growth and increased microcirculation
  7. Long lasting effect

Combination Treatments

Aging occurs in all layers of the face and body: the skin, the subcutaneous fat, the muscle, the fascia & ligament and the bone.  Aptos thread lifting targets the subcutaneous fat layer.  Thus, a combination treatment may be required in order to achieve the best rejuvenation result.
  1. Anti-Wrinkle Injections: 2 weeks before
  2. Filler Injections: 2 weeks after
  3. PRP: before, same day or after
  4. Chemical Peeling: same day or after
  5. Laser: 1 month before or after
  6. Radiofrequency and Ultrasound: 1 month before or 6-9 months after

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