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Anti-Aging with a Facial Thread Lift

Posted by Dr Hugo Ho on 17 June 2021
Anti-Aging with a Facial Thread Lift

Facial rejuvenation involves treating skin ptosis or skin sagging. In recent years, absorbable threads have emerged as a non-surgical treatment to reposition and support superficial skin tissues.

A thread lift offers a non-surgical option to address excess skin laxity and stimulate new collagen growth with a short recovery and little downtime. Thread lifts have prevailed in parts of Asia and Europe for many years and now have gained traction in Australia over the last two years due to their efficacy compared to other non-surgical tightening options.

Aptos absorbable threads are made from Polylactic Acid combined with Polycaprolactone. Today, Aptos threads are an integral tool for treating skin sagging.

Aptos' special bidirectional and multi-directional barbed threads enable us to lift and compact the volume of the cheekbones. They lessen nasolabial folds and jowls; redefine the oval of the face and reduce the laxity in the neck. The special spring threads accommodate strong muscle moments around the mouth and support the tissue to lessen the Marionette lines. Aptos threads are also being used to correct forehead ptosis, droopy eyebrows and nose. The face is re-defined. Its volume restored. The effect of ageing is reduced.

For patients who want to avoid or delay a surgical procedure, an Aptos thread lift is an alternative or an intermediary measure for rejuvenating the face.

The procedures are carried out in around an hour under local anaesthetic in strictly sterile conditions, by fully trained doctors. The after-effects are mild: a short downtime and only a mild bruising or swelling. The post-procedure recommendations mainly involve avoiding sport and any local trauma for 2 weeks, the time needed for the threads and tissue interaction to settle down.

The threads will gradually be resorbed over 18-24months, with a tissue inducing effect that creates local production of new collagen and elastin. This new scaffold of collagen and elastin re-strengthens the skin and slows the process of aging.

Today, more people are choosing for lesser, non-invasive treatments that can support collagen building, tissue tightening and remodelling at every age. People are no longer waiting for things to go bad enough to consider surgery.

The small-tweak approach can change the trajectory of how we age.

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Dr Hugo HoAuthor:Dr Hugo Ho
About: Dr Ho is Specialist General Practitioner and a Cosmetic Physician. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner. He has been practicing as a General Practitioner for over 25 years. In 2009, he furthered his studies in Aesthetic Medicine and was awarded the Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. In 2015, he was admitted to the Cosmetic Physicians’ College of Australasia as an Inaugural Full Member.
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